BostInno: Betabrand’s Bike-to-Work Shirt Hits the Market

When I came on board here at Betabrand earlier this year, I was stoked to begin working on the house’s bike-commuter apparel line. I knew I wanted to create a shirt that complimented the Bike-to-Work Pants that were already a huge hit, and get even more traction within the cycling community. 

So you can understand how big of a deal this is for me and how proud I am of all the hard work it took for the team here at Betabrand to get these shirts made! There was a lot of time spent in pattern development and fabric research that went into the creation of these, and I’m thrilled by how they turned out. 

The Betabrand Bike-to-Work Shirt has the following comfort and safety features for your ride to & from work:

  • Non-wrinkling poly fabric with moisture wicking and mechanical stretch.
  • Vented chest pocket backed with a mesh liner.
  • Rear cape vent under the back yoke (works in tandem with the Betabrand BTW Jacket)
  • 3M Scotchlite retroreflective seam binding under the sleeve placket. Roll cuffs up to expose.
  • 3M Scotchlite retroreflective band under the back of the collar. Pop the collar to expose.
  • Droptail rear hem keeps your shirt tucked in.

Click here to read the post from BostInno, and here to purchase the shirt at the Betabrand store.

Another design submission of mine up on the Betabrand Think Tank website. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Betabrand, we are a San Francisco based apparel company that utilizes local production and rapid production cycles to move things from concept to final product in 4-6 months (instead of 18-24 months with traditional fashion design companies). The Betabrand Think Tank is a place where we float concepts and ideas past our customers and fans and collect feedback and gauge interest, which not only helps us design better things, but make smarter decisions regarding which things to produce, too. 

The Urban Awareness Jacket is a lightweight, packable windbreaker with a reversible center front zipper and dual-entry hand pockets, allowing you to wear either side facing out. It is a redesign of one of Betabrand’s earliest products, and one that hasn’t been made in 4 years.

The first side is a stealthy matte black, with matching stitching and a glossy black logo on the chest. The reverse side (perfect for after the sun goes down and you have to pedal home) has a reflective seam binding made out of genuine 3M Scotchlite retroreflective fabric, which due to tiny glass nanospheres, bounces light back at the angle it was transmitted from. For cyclists, this means that headlights from cars will light up the fabric and alert drivers to your presence. It also has a reflective heat transfer logo on the chest and a large Betabrand logo on the droptail hem in back, the same reflective heat transfer that I created for the redesigned Bike-to-Work pant (not out quite yet). 

Here’s a rundown of the features on the Urban Awareness Jacket v2.0:

  • Featherweight, wind-blocking 20-denier 100% Nylon fabric
  • Reversible Vislon® center-front zipper
  • Dual-entry hand pockets with reverse-coil zippers (reflective side has 3M Scotchlite laminate on the zipper tape)
  • 3M Scotchlite heat transfer logos at chest and rear droptail hem
  • 2x2 Cotton/elastic rib at the hips
  • Elastic wrist cuffs
  • Designed and sewn in San Francisco, CA

Please read more about the jacket on the Betabrand Think Tank page, and be sure to leave feedback! 

Concept artwork for a pair of bike to work knickers (pedal-pushers) I’m working on. 
Summer is just around the corner.

Concept artwork for a pair of bike to work knickers (pedal-pushers) I’m working on. 

Summer is just around the corner.